Alternatives to minimalist running shoes

Has the ultralight running shoe trend played out? Not entirely.

Some runners still love the feel – or lack thereof – of whisper-thin minimalist flats weighing in at as little as three ounces. Fans of feather-light footwear believe these shoes improve their running form, allowing a fuller range of natural motion that’s a boon during shorter 5K and 10K races.

But others have realized that minimalist shoes are not for them. A study at Brigham Young University verified that. Some recreational runners who were examined with MRIs showed additional stress to their feet after as little as 10 weeks in minimalist shoes.

At Todd & Moore, we’re seeing new lines of shoes that offer the best of both worlds, particularly for runners who have tried to love the minimalist shoes but soon realized that their feet weren’t nearly as infatuated with the trend.

Light shoes at lower prices at Todd & Moore

We carry all the major brands – Nike, Under Armour, New Balance, Asics, Saucony, Mizuno and Brooks – and we understand that you don’t want to leave with a wallet as lightweight as your shoes. That’s why we sell them at a discount every day.

We’re also skilled at fitting all the feet we meet. Our staff has studied foot anatomy and common problems. We understand what runners are looking for and need in a shoe.

These days, many runners are looking for lighter-weight shoes with neutral cushioning. They’re a great solution for runners who like the flexibility of a minimalist shoe but who want more protection on either trails or streets.

These new lines still feature the breathability that also helped fire the ultralight craze, and many are seamless to allow for blister-free sockless running. Some manufacturers, such as Saucony, have even design models that cradle the foot in cushioning but still weigh in at only around six ounces.

Stop in at Todd & Moore and take a look at our complete line. We carry more than 40,000 shoes in 200 styles, including hard-to-find sizes. We are always eager to help you find the perfect fit that will keep you running pain-free toward your goals.