Moving Comfort sports bras let you do exactly what they claim

Dentists recommend checkups every six to 12 months in order to keep your pearly whites clean and healthy.

Active wear manufacturers recommend a new sports bra every six to 12 months in order to make sure you’re still getting great support.

Coincidence? We think not. We’ve noticed that many women would pick having a root canal over the agony of selecting a new sports bra.

At Todd & Moore, we’re easing your pain this week with an amazing deal on Brooks Moving Comfort sports bras – 30 percent off regularly priced designs. Remember that’s 30 percent off our already reduced every-day price, which means you can get a sports bra that retails for $36 to $68 for $23.09 to $43.39. We also have a selection of Moving Comfort bras on clearance for as much as 50 percent off their retail prices.

Of course, a great deal isn’t always a smart bargain if you buy something just because it’s on sale. In this case, though, you’re getting both.

At Brooks, they focus on performance first, making sure their Moving Comfort line not only looks great but also gives women the support they need. Brooks constantly tweaks its Moving Comfort designs, looking for that sweet spot where style and performance converge. In this year’s collection alone, they’ve improved coverage and redesigned backs to make the bras easier to get on and off and also to allow for greater freedom of movement.

They’ve also tried to take some of the pain out of shopping for sports bras by offering expert sports bra fit tips as well as trouble-shooting advice that help women solve some of the common problems we’ve all encountered with sports bras.

They devote a lot of time and money to biomechanics research, too, in order to make sure that Moving Comfort sports bras are “girlfriend tested and lab approved.”

Their efforts are paying off with positive reviews, even winning over a woman who says she usually pays $10 for sports bras because she can’t see shelling out $50 for clothes to sweat in. “This is worth the $50,” she wrote.

She should stop by Todd & Moore this week. She won’t have to pay nearly that much.