New at Todd & Moore: Columbia Omni-Freeze Spring Collection

Performance technology has made such great strides that we’ve come to expect certain features in virtually everything. That moisture-wicking fabric with four-way stretch, for example, is just as comfortable for everyday wear as it is at the gym .

Columbia Omni-Freeze, though, takes performance to the next level, with an innovation that not only soaks up sweat but also pulls heat away from your skin as it does it.

That’s right: The more you sweat, the cooler you get. It’s a pretty amazing concept.

The process isn’t quite magic, but it might be close. Notice the tiny rings inside Omni-Freeze fabric – those indentions are laminated with a polymer and act sort of like goose bumps to cool you when you sweat. Understandably, Columbia is a little secretive about the exact process.

Reviewers vouch for the results, though, including one blogger in Georgia who put his Omni-Freeze through the paces working on cars and playing with his kids in the summer-like heat. Another reviewer praised the soft, silky feel of his Omni-Freeze T-shirt. That’s another boon for athletes or anyone who’s active.

Omni-Shade UPF 50 protection is the final benefit built into much of Columbia’s spring apparel. It helps shield you from the damaging rays of our FamouslyHot sun.

The Columbia’s spring collection isn’t just about performance, though. The wide variety of options lets you find a great look for whatever you have planned. Choose from button-up shirts perfect for campus or the club to work-out ready T-shirts and tank tops. Colorful printed shorts dress up your laid-back look, while active designs with hem vents let you move more easily at the beach or on the trails.

Stop in and check out the collection. As spring turns to summer, you’ll be glad you did.