Come for coffee and great coaching conversation

For as long as I can remember, our downtown Huger St. location has been a gathering place for past and present coaches. When I first joined the Todd & Moore staff back in 1984, it was a common occurrence to see Mr. George Moore Sr. surrounded by his good friends up on the landing in the coffee area. Back then they were all dressed in a coat and a tie.

Several times a week, legendary high school and college coaches such as Harry Parrone, Ben Moye, Bettis Herlong, Jim Pinkerton, Frank McGuire, and local businessmen Kit Fitzsimmons, Chuck Prezioso, and Dom Fusci would gather to rehash the games of the past week and choose a lunch spot for the day. Throughout the store you could hear the booming voices and boisterous laughter of good friends sharing the triumphs and defeats of the past week in high school or college sports.

Over the years, the faces, attire and lunch spots have changed, but the tradition continues…meet at Todd & Moore on Thursdays by 12:00 noon. The landing still features the retro blue couch, orange chair, oversized circle painting, miscellaneous photos, and Doug Nye’s (formerly of The State Newspaper) list of 50 Great Columbia Things. Todd & Moore is number nine on the list!

There is still complimentary coffee, but the soda machine with real bottled Coke is long gone. The regular group of coaches with booming voices and boisterous laughter now includes Joe Turbeville (Winnsboro, Spring Valley, Irmo), Eddie Muldrow (Chapin), John Daye (Columbia, Orangeburg-Wilkerson, Heathwood), Lee Koty (Dentsville, Spring Valley), and Creig Tyler (Manning, Lugoff Elgin,
Lancaster, Lexington). Many other familiar faces drop in from time to time such as Ernie Hughes, Jim Ringer, Billy Parker, Eddie Raines and Mike Dubard. We usually have a full house at holiday time when we host the infamous Todd & Moore food days!

Todd & Moore is familiar and comfortable for these men. With hot coffee always brewing and a comfy couch, it’s a lot like home. A place to gather, laugh a lot, share stories and a get a meal together until next time. Rich Moye (Ben’s son) says, “Dad often speaks fondly of the bull sessions at Todd & Moore that extended back over the last 50 plus years. I believe he is the last of that group. Did you know for example, that they founded the Columbia Touchdown Club? Dad is mostly homebound now and will talk your ear off, but man he has some stories.”

It has been a real treat to meet and get to know these coaches and their families and to hear their stories. I love that the tradition of Todd & Moore being a gathering place for them is still strong today. It’s also pretty cool that John Daye is doing the color on Friday nights for Wildcat Football on 107.9 WLXM in Lexington. I love hearing the coachs talk about the games of the week and the players to watch. I love that Todd & Moore feels like home.

From the homefront,
Sales Associate & Buyer