Partnering with JDRF One Walk

This year, Todd & Moore is pleased and honored to be partnering with JDRF Palmetto Chapter. Why JDRF, you may ask. Well, it’s real personal for us. Type 1 diabetes (T1D) hit close to home for us 9 years ago when our former co-worker got the shocking news that her 7 year old daughter was now dependent on injected insulin to survive.

It was personal because we are family here at Todd & Moore. When we got the news from Beth McCrary, many of us wondered what we could do to help. Imagine your child finding out on the 2nd day of 2nd grade that she would be faced with living with an autoimmune disease for the rest of her life. It not only changed her life, but it changed her family’s life and story as well. One of the first things Beth’s co-workers did was form a walk team for the JDRF annual walk.

Today, Hannah McCrary is a thriving, healthy 16 year old junior at River Bluff High School. She is strong and brave. She has shown T1D that it has met its match. Beth and Hannah will both tell you they are where they are today because of the support and advancements in treatment JDRF has provided to Hannah and to millions of others. Beth made a promise to Hannah after diagnosis that she would not stop working to find a cure. And she has lived up to that promise. She is an advocate for JDRF and now works full-time for the JDRF Palmetto Chapter.

So, in honor of Hannah, Todd & Moore is bringing back Team Todd & Moore (#teamtoddandmoore). And we are asking our customers and friends to team up with us this year. Join our team and let’s work together to turn Type 1 into Type None.

JDRF Palmetto Chapter will have volunteers here every Saturday now through Saturday, October 21st to help get people registered for the walk as well as provide information about JDRF and T1D. You can also register for the walk and be a part of our team by going online to our team walk page. If you are unable to walk with us on October 22nd, please consider a donation to this worthy cause.

For those who register with our team and make a personal donation of $20 or more, you will receive an exclusive, custom-designed Todd & Moore walk t-shirt.

You can read more here about why Beth is so passionate about finding a cure for T1D.

Posted by Elizabeth Gar McCrary on Monday, July 17, 2017