New at Todd & Moore: The FlipBelt

Once upon a time – this was during the Dark Ages, back when people trudged miles to school, uphill both ways – runners were forced to either grasp their key rings in their hands as they ran or remove a key and lace it through their shoe string. The first was bad for form, and the second was tedious. Every. Single. Day.

Then came the fanny pack. It was a big improvement over the key grasp, plus the bag had room for other items. Maybe a little too much room. The bulk could cause the bag to bump annoyingly, and the “one size fits all” models often didn’t fit people who were larger or smaller than average.

Next runners turned to arm bands to hold phones or mp3 players plus their keys. These were another improvement, but like the key grasp of an earlier generation, the band can make for awkward form.

Now there’s a better way. A solution that holds keys, IDs, media and more. A pack made of stretch, quick-drying material that won’t budge no matter how hard you run, climb or bike.

That solution, the FlipBelt, now is among the extensive inventory of running gear at Todd & Moore.

FlipBelt made for fit and comfort

Available in seven colors and five sizes, the FlipBelt is designed with an athletic-wear fit that adjusts to you. It’s lightweight – only 3 ounces or so – but durable, as well as machine washable. It’s big enough to hold larger media such as an iPhone 6, but it stays put and won’t get in your way.

Wear the FlipBelt over clothing for quick access or under clothing for an extra layer of security. The flat seams keep it comfortable against your skin.

It looks good, too: “The belt meets the first test– my willingness to actually leave the house wearing it,” one reviewer wrote.

The FlipBelt isn’t just for runners either. It’s also great for travelers who want to lighten their load as they sight-see or for people who need to keep emergency medication close at hand. Moms benefit as much as marathoners do from the bag’s ability to keep quick nutrition close at hand.