New at Todd & Moore: YETI Field Tan Hoppers

With their superior engineering that keeps ice from melting for days and rugged construction that keeps them going for years, YETI coolers have always been built for the wild. Now they’re designed for the wild, too, with the introduction of the YETI Field Tan Hopper series.

As an official YET dealer,  Todd & Moore is able to make sure our loyal customers are at the front of the line for this great new look. We have these just-released models – available in Hopper 20, 30, 40 and Sidekick sizes – ready to sale today!

The YETI Hopper is no ordinary flimsy cooler that’s going to leave your drinks warm after an hour or two. The Hopper series combines the convenient portability of a soft-side cooler, including carrying handles and straps, with the performance of a premium hard-side.

These rugged models won’t break or leak, even if you’re dragging your Hopper through the woods to the hunting blind or over blazing sand at the beach. It has an inch of insulation all the way around, plus an inch and a half on the bottom, that will keep your ice cold for days, making it perfect for when you’re making a weekend of it. The Hoppers have mildew-resistant linings, so you won’t have to sweat it about drying out every last drop of water before you put it away.

Stop in this week and check out the YETI Field Tan Hoppers at Todd & Moore. They’re great gifts for Dads or grads on the go.

A custom YETI with Todd & Moore

We’re also stocked on YETI Ramblers personal drinkware in a range of sizes, from thirsty water bottles to convenient Colsters that keep your beverage cans chilled. We have tumblers that make great gifts, and their sleek stainless steel finishes are perfect for personalization with a graphic, message or name. Take your YETI Rambler to The Trophy & Awards Center, show your Todd & Moore receipt, and you’ll get 10 percent off the engraving. A custom YETI Rambler is a wonderful way to create a memorable gift as a thank-you to a wedding party or a coach.