New at Todd & Moore: Onzie yoga apparel

Their fashion-forward look will catch your eye. Their performance design and durability will hold your attention. That’s why so many people love Onzie yoga apparel, perfect for the studio, the streets or even the trails. It’s now available at Todd & Moore.

Onzie – pronounced OWN-zee, lest anyone confuse it with baby clothing – was born in 2010 in Southern California with a goal of solving a problem. Founder Kimberly Swarth’s mother was a practitioner of Bikram yoga. For those not familiar, this discipline takes place in a 100-degree room. A traditional dance leotard was about the only option for keeping cool. Swarth started modifying the one pieces, and when her modifications caught other yogis’ eyes during a competition, her business took off.

Onzie evolved to include bold colors and prints, a departure from the black or pastel leotards common in studios at the time. Listening to customers, the company found a demand for two-piece yoga wear as well. Bandeau tops and matching shorts became part of the line when a customer asked. Onzie also began making modest designs for women not comfortable showing a lot of skin when customers requested them.

Onzie scales to any sport

It turns out there are designs for rock climbers, too. One reviewer decided to really put her Onzies to the test on the rugged, craggy mountains of Nevada. They survived, with no snags, rips or tears. She’s also worn stylish Onzie sports bras as swim-suit tops, taking the collection’s versatility to new depths.

All Onzie apparel is made with Free-Flow Fabric Technology that is durable, breathable and quick-drying. Remember those 100-degree yoga rooms? They pass that test with flying, vibrant colors.

At Todd & Moore, we’re loving Onzies outside the yoga studio and off the trails. Their chic looks is great for the streets, too. We can easily see the capri leggings, with a crisscross detail at the calf, or the full-length leggings with a denim look, in a coffee shop or on campus. Stop in our store and take a look for yourself!