Pickleball – The Growing Game

Let’s talk pickleball. Funny name but a fun game.  The game was created in 1963 by Congressman Joel Pritchard and a few of his friends.  Though there are many legends on how the sport got its name, Pritchard’s wife, Joan, is credited with the name, referring to the pickle boat, the slowest vessel in a race.

Whatever the origins, this game is growing like wildfire.  It’s been described as “table tennis on steroids.” The game is a combination of tennis, racquetball, badminton and table tennis. The game is played with a paddle and a wiffle ball, and it’s easy on the wrists.

People with very little sports background are getting hooked.  Those who have had to give up tennis due to injuries are making the switch to pickleball. It’s easy to play and tons of fun for all ages.  Interested in giving it a shot?  Todd & Moore has everything you need to get ready to serve up a game.  We carry paddles from Gamma and Wilson.  We have the wiffle balls and even a 2-paddle intro set at a great price for those who want to try it out before investing in the sport. Talk with our tennis department today and they will be happy to introduce you to the sport of pickleball.