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Lifeline TNT Cable System

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Use the All-in-one Lifeline TNT Cable System for resistance training and allows you to work your full body in multiple planes and to use dynamic exercises like twists, punches and chops to build balanced muscles and increased flexibility. Develop stronger and more powerful chest, shoulder, back and arm muscles with presses, curls, rows and extensions. Boost thigh, glute, hamstring and calf power with squats and lunges.

Incorporate from 40lbs – 120lbs of peak weighted resistance by adding or removing cable using Lifeline’s patented Progressive Resistance System. Easily move between upper body, core and lower body exercises by anchoring the Door Anchor up or down; set it high for down ward movements, set it low for upward movements, or center it for presses and rows!

TNT CABLE KIT includes:

  • 3pcs Lifeline R4-40lb Resistance Cables- 5ft
  • Triple Grip Handle
  • Door Anchor

40lb – 120lb RESISTANCE: Interchange Resistance Cables from 40lbs to 120lbs peak resistance. Cable Resistance:

  • When utilizing 1 Cable = 40lbs peak resistance
  • When utilizing 2 Cables = 80lbs peak resistance
  • When utilizing 3 Cables = 120lb peak resistance

Resistance training uses resistance or force to induce muscular contraction, which builds strength and anaerobic endurance. Resistance exercises also help you increase bone density, improve metabolism and decrease your risk of injury. At Lifeline, we provide resistance training equipment that is both innovative and mobile to make your workout routine both effective and convenient. By doing so, our products are easy to use and can provide significant benefits in overall health and well-being by increasing bone, muscle, tendon and ligament strength.

PROGRESSIVE RESISTANCE SYSTEM- Build a custom cable system with Lifeline’s patented Progressive Resistance System. Lifeline Resistance Cables are color-coded to easily identify resistance level (10lb -100lb peak resistance) and our patented handles incorporate a simple interchangeable process to add/subtract weighted resistance.

PROGRESSIVE LAYERING TECHNOLOGY – Made using of durable natural latex using Lifeline's Progressive Layering Technology™ to perform better and last longer than common extruded fitness cable. Lifeline’s Resistance Cables provide continuous tension throughout an exercise's entire range of motion to build strength and endurance.

LIFELINE RESISTANCE CABLES - Use with Lifeline’s Progressive Resistance Systems for resistance level interchangeability; the cable’s plugged ends safely, securely and easily fit into all Lifeline’s patented resistance handles. Each cable is color coded by weight (10lb – 100lb) for quick resistance level identification during interchange and are five feet (5ft) long to accommodate a wide variety of exercises for everyone from beginners to advance users.

LIFELINE TRIPLE GRIP HANDLE- The Triple Grip Handle securely locks in place up to three (3) of Lifeline’s 10 Resistance Cables (10lb – 100lb) levels at one time to ensure safety and provide proper cable alignment. Interchange Resistance Cables quickly and progress in level so that exercises can be customized to each target muscle's strength and stamina. Ergonomically-designed for proper form and freedom of movement to promote the continuous resistance and plane of motion flexibility that make resistance cables great for portable full-body workouts, injury rehabilitation and functional strength training.

DOOR ANCHOR- Use with your cable system to change the angle of resistance and drastically increase the number of exercises you can perform to promote full body strength and combat the muscular imbalances that can arise from limited weight training exercises. Strong enough to support your weight and designed to protect your cables from wear and tear, this heavy duty door anchor gives you the piece of mind to push your resistance cable workout to new heights.

 Cable Length: 5ft Long Cables

Cable Resistance: R4-40lbs per cable. When utilizing 2 Cables = 80lbs peak resistance. When utilizing 3 Cables = 120lb peak resistance.

 Each resistance level is defined as maximum force when the cable is stretched to 3x the original resting length. We strongly suggest never stretching cables more than 3x the resting level. It is a good idea to replace your bands every year, depending on use and wear - and Lifeline's interchangeable system makes the process convenient and easy!


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