Stinky Smelly Sneaker Swap is back at Todd & Moore

If it’s time for spring cleaning, it’s also time to clean out your closet and take advantage of our Stinky Smelly Sneaker Swap – our annual program that lets you save up to 20 percent on any shoes, regular or clearance priced. All you have to do in exchange is donate an old pair.

So come in starting Thursday and bring us your tired, your tread-bare, your busted. Your footwear so fetid your spouse won’t let it in the house. Your shoes that require HAZMAT handling.

OK, so we’re not willing to go quite that far – we are donating your retired shoes to The Cooperative Ministry so they need to be in decent shape. But from April 4 to April 7, if you bring in a pair of old sneakers, we’ll give you a discount on a shiny new pair. The discount amount, which can be applied to regular or clearance prices, varies based on the cost of the new shoes you buy.

Shoe price (regular or close-out) Trade-in value
$29.99 or less $6
$30-$49.99 $8
$50-79.99 $10
$80-$109.99 $15
$110 and up $20

Use your discount on any brand. Pick up a new pair of New Balance for everyday wear. Select the latest Saucony design as you increase your training mileage for spring race season. Browse colorful new models from Nike and Under Armour and update your look. Or outfit an ever-growing kid with a pair that might make it to the end of the school year before toes are pushing the edges again.

As always, our shoe experts will be on hand to make sure you leave the store with a fabulous fit. That’s another reason, too, to bring in your old shoes. Our specially trained Pro Care Experts can tell a lot about what you might need by looking at the wear patterns.