Stumped for a great Halloween costume? Todd & Moore can help!

The great thing about Halloween is not necessarily the candy or the parties. It’s the chance the holiday offers to be whoever you want to be for one night. The not-so-great part is when Oct. 31 is approaching and you’re out of ideas.

That’s where Todd & Moore comes in handy. From lifeguard gear to soccer uniforms for a number of teams, we get you out the door with a costume in no time. We have complete cheerleader and football player kits for kids, along with everything a Gamecocks or Tigers follower needs to create a “super fan” look. Pick up a shirt, foam finger and pom poms at Todd & Moore, add face paint and you’re ready to go.

We also have plenty of raw materials you can use to create a different costume this year, and we love helping customers pull together a great look from items in our inventory. Here are five great ideas that will get your imagination going.

1. Batman with a twist: This one is great for players or fans who love both the Caped Crusader and the Boys of Summer. Pair classic gray baseball pants and a gray T-shirt with a black cape to create a super hero who always comes through in the clutch. Wear a catcher’s mask or apply eye black.  Don a ball cap and carry a bat to complete the look.

2. Richard Simmons: The only difficult part of re-creating the look of
this flamboyant 80s fitness icon is getting the hair right. We can’t help you with that, but we can supply tank tops, running shorts and tube socks in a rainbow of colors. Buy early and Bedazzle the shirt or wear the costume off the rack if you’re pressed for time.

Ladies can look to Olivia Newton John or Jane Fonda for costume inspiration. Hit a dance shop for colorful leotards, legwarmers and tights and add a headband and wrist bands from Todd & Moore. A pair of white athletic shoes – New Balance makes the perfect low-key pair –  completes the ensemble.

3. Referee for real or for fun: A referee’s shirt from Todd & Moore and a pair of black pant is a simple, straight-forward costume for folks in a hurry. We can supply the whistle, too. Add a yellow flag and call “party fouls” on guests you catch double-dipping.

Swap the pants for skinny black shorts and add tall boots to go as Beyonce in her pre-Super Bowl publicity shots. Or flatten a football and go as a Deflategate official, pretending not to notice that something’s amiss. Bonus points if you can convince someone to be your Tom Brady.

4. Quick and easy coach: Dressing up as Steve Spurrier or Ron Rivera this Halloween is as easy as finding the right polo shirt at Todd & Moore and adding the always-present headset. Fans will wear the shirt again anyway, making this one-day costume a lasting investment. It’s a look that works for kids as well as adult, too.

5. Custom T-shirt costume: If you have a geeky side, flaunt it with a T-shirt that says, “Error 404: Costume Not Found.” We can easily screen print a shirt for you in plenty of time for Halloween, along with other classics such as “This IS my Halloween costume” or “Cheap Halloween costume.” Dressing up as Donald Trump? We can create the “Make America Great Again” ball cap you need to finish your costume in authentic style.