New at Todd & Moore: Swiftwick socks

An army might march on its stomach, but the rest of us move on our feet. Feet that can get cranky after a long run. Tootsies that tire after a day on a bike path. Dogs that start to bark in our FamouslyHot sun.

At Todd & Moore, we’ve found a solution to these problems, and it’s one that doesn’t limit your footwear choices to traditionally boring whites: Swiftwick performance socks, now available at our store in fashion-forward colors backed by athletic performance.

Swiftwick bills its products as the best socks you’ll ever wear – they even offer a guarantee on that.

Swiftwicks start with a Contoured Compression fit. Not only do you get powerful compression support for your muscles, but you also get a shape designed to cling to your foot, creating less bunching and greater comfort.

Next comes Fiber First moisture wicking. Swiftwick modifies its fibers down to the molecular level, creating a knit that efficiently moves moisture from high-humidity areas to the drier portion of your foot. The result is greater comfort as well as less odor. The fibers then are sculpted into a breathable design.

By using a slim-fitting compression design that eliminates bunching and stay-dry moisture-wicking performance, Swiftwick creates a blister-free sock that protects you foot during repetitive pounding on the pavement or movement on a pedal.

As one reviewer put it, you might be tempted to scoff at the difference, but you’ll definitely notice it the second you slip your feet into a pair of Swiftwicks. The reviewer also noticed another important Swiftwick difference: all-weather comfort. The sock never felt too hot or too cold after being tested in a 30-degree temperature range.

And then there’s the stylish look and the rainbow of colors. That factor’s not as important for intense training, but if you’re looking for socks that can stand up to a tough run or ride while also giving you style suited for daily wear, Swiftwicks are it.

Swiftwicks also might make your trade-ins during our annual Stinky Smelly Sneaker Swap a little less malodorous. We donate your used shoes to The Cooperative Ministry, so we’re fine with that. Anyone living with you will be, too.