The gift of running

My discovery of a love for running has been a gift to me.

I run for me. Running makes me a better me. It helps me be a better wife, mother, daughter, and friend. It’s the best stress reliever for me and nothing clears my mind like a good run. When I get grumpy my husband and kids let me know it’s time for a run!

I do my best thinking while I run. I make mental lists, plan my day, and often think of blog topics. Sometimes I just run and listen to great music like the Eagles, The Boss, Eric Clapton, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Bob Segar. You know, the really good stuff that you rarely get to hear on regular radio.

Running not only keeps me in good mental health, it helps keep me in good physical shape. It allows me to splurge on the not so good food choices every once in awhile. Running gives me energy and a sense of accomplishment.

Running teaches me a lot of things about myself. It has helped me set and accomplish goals that I never dreamed possible. Three years ago I couldn’t run to the end of my street. I’ve now completed two ½ marathons and plan to run the Palmetto Half in April of 2012. I enjoy running and do so every time I get the opportunity.

Running has introduced me to an amazing group of people…other runners! I love that runners come in all shapes and sizes, young and old, fast and slow. I love that runners like to talk running. Runners like to share and discuss race courses, locations, and swag. Runners love to talk about and try new product.
Runners can never have enough apparel, shoes, and accessories.

I’m available Monday through Friday to help you select the gift of new running apparel, shoes, and accessories for yourself or the runner in your life this Christmas season. Take it from me, you will make them very happy.

At Todd & Moore, we have a great selection of running shoes from Asics, Nike, Saucony, Brooks, New Balance, and Under Armour. We also carry great apparel from Nike, Under Armour, Moving Comfort, Adidas and Champion and accessories from Nathan.

Not running on empty,
Sales Associate & Buyer

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