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About Us

In 1944, Todd & Moore opened on Main Street in Columbia. The business principles behind the small sporting goods store: friendship, expertise and service.

Slowly, Todd & Moore evolved into so much more than a sporting goods store. It became neutral territory where rival high school and college coaches could exchange game film. It became a place where University of South Carolina football players would stop in to buy new gear, which they then would autograph and give away to children after the game.

Though today the gear is high tech, the brands are different and the store has moved to Huger Street in downtown’s Vista District, the foundation upon which Todd & Moore was built remains its mission statement today. A friendly atmosphere, outstanding service and expert advice that big box sporting goods stores can’t match.

At Todd & Moore, our service goes way beyond showing you to the right department and ringing up the transaction. We won’t just sell a parent a football helmet. We make sure it’s properly fitted so the child is protected from injury. We won’t just send a customer out the door with an expensive tennis racquet. We’ll make sure it’s the perfect racquet – we’ll even let customers take a test drive – exquisitely strung to match each player’s game. We won’t just sell a pair of pricey running shoes. We’ll make sure the shoes fit properly. We’ll even share training tips and talk dreamily about favorite trails.

And when a local All Star needs to replace his favorite baseball bat before a big tournament, that kid can turn to Todd & Moore, where the bat still will be in stock long after the Big Box retailers have declared baseball season over and gutted their shelves of merchandise.

That’s the Todd & Moore difference. We’re your local Specialists in Sports. We offer not only fabulous prices – we beat the Big Boxes every day – but also service and expertise customers have relied on for more than 70 years.

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