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New Balance Concept Shop

The New Balance Concept Shop at Todd & Moore is a store within a store, where you’ll find the latest in performance footwear for any activity from walking or running to tennis or training.

You’ll also find an amazing inventory of styles and designs that more and more people are turning to for everyday wear. New Balance is the brand most-recommended by podiatrists across the country. That’s because the company takes great care in designing its shoes to make sure each style provides proper support and fit. Its New Balance Lifestyle line was created with non-athletes in mind, giving them the same comfort when they’re running errands that they’d want when running trails.

Todd & Moore takes great care in making sure our customers leave happy with their New Balance shoes and confident that the shoes will feel as great on the road as they do in the store. Several of our sales associates are certified New Balance Fit Specialists. That means they’ve completed ProCare Fit Training, studying foot anatomy and footwear technology to make sure every customer chooses shoes with the optimal fit for their feet.

The Todd & Moore commitment

The ProCare designation from New Balance also means that Todd & Moore has committed to making sure its staff has the time to do the job right, taking extra steps such as examining old shoes for wear patterns and other signs that can help customers find the perfect new shoes.

People of any age can enjoy the benefits of New Balance, from toddlers just learning to walk on through hard-to-fit adults. The New Balance Concept Shop carries a range of sizes, all the way from 4A and 6E. We carry the latest colorful designs as well as traditional neutral tones, too, for people who just want a great pair of sneakers that will go with their jeans.

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