At Todd & Moore, our service goes way beyond showing you to the right department and ringing up the transaction. We won’t just sell a parent a football helmet. We make sure it’s properly fitted so the child is protected from injury. We won’t just send a customer out the door with an expensive tennis racquet. We’ll make sure it’s the perfect racquet – we’ll even let customers take a test drive – exquisitely strung to match each player’s game. We won’t just sell a pair of pricey running shoes. We’ll make sure the shoes fit properly. We’ll even share training tips and talk dreamily about favorite trails.

And when a local All Star needs to replace his favorite baseball bat before a big tournament, that kid can turn to Todd & Moore, where the bat still will be in stock long after the Big Box retailers have declared baseball season over and gutted their shelves of merchandise.

That’s the Todd & Moore difference. We’re your local Specialists in Sports. We offer not only fabulous prices – we beat the Big Boxes every day – but also service and expertise customers have relied on for more than 70 years.